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Code Club in Blackley, Manchester

Welcome to Avenue Library Code Club, where children come to learn to code together.

Join our exciting journey into the world of coding blocks and unlock endless possibilities. Start your adventure today!

Follow along our code tutorials

Build some really fun games with Scratch, create something fun with HTML and CSS, or code something more complex with Python.

Club dates

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Fundraising for 2024

We’re fundraising for our club this year to help us upgrade our clubs tech.

Why learn to code?

Learning to code is a crucial skill for kids in today’s digital world. It nurtures problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and creativity. By learning to code, kids gain the tools to create, innovate, and shape the future. It’s a skill that opens doors to a world of endless opportunities. Join us at Avenue Library Code Club and let your child’s coding journey begin!

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Learn how to make some classic games using Scratch online.

We’ve been having fun creating PacMan like games in our code club. We’re in the process of writing a tutorial so you can create yours too!

Learn the basic terminology

From Variables, keeping a score, sounds and more, follow the tutorials to learn how to use the Scratch platform to create anything you like. When you’ve picked up the basics we’ll go into more depth and learn to create websites with HTML and CSS. If you’re a master at coding with blocks we’ll even move on to coding in Python too!

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Share your projects with us

We love it when you share your projects with us. The best projects get featured on our website, blog and social media.

At the end of each class our learners test each others games and work, provide feedback and sometimes compete with each others games.

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